Thursday, April 30, 2009


After several time i'm searching for more information about Herbalife, i found new website about Herbalife that show how Herbalife have grown and expend their business through out the world. They have the HFF foundation where they organising event or gathering in order to collect donation to feed hungry and orphanage children. Other than that they are helping them to have better budget to feed the children withz healthier food and also giving them kitchen facilities. children need to have enought nutrient to grow and to have healty life. Furthermore, most of people now can see and watch what is going on in another country. they can watch earthquake, tsunami, wars and other where little children are left alone, without family and no one to take care of them. Herbalife are taking this opportunity to help all this poor children.

In my opinion Herbalife have set a good example to other organisation as an eye opener to see what they can do to help all the unfortunate people and children around the world.

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